Our custom mat cutting services offer consistent, high-quality overmats, whether you need one mat or several thousand. We use the Spirit 4060S computer-controlled mat cutter to ensure perfect overmats every time.

Openings can be cut on boards up to 40″ x 60″. Please inquire about pricing information for multiple openings, circles, and ovals.

The prices in table below are for each uniquely-sized window, and do not include the cost of the matboard.

You must purchase the required number of matboards that the windows will be cut in.

Example: 1-16×20 mat with an 11×14 window would cost $9.11 ($4.11 for the matboard and $5 for initial set up and cutting the window). 5-16×20 mats with 11×14 windows would be 5x$4.11 for the mats plus 5x$2.50 for cutting the custom windows ($6.61 each)

*Note to new and returning customers: Custom set-ups are now free.*Due to the thickness of 8-ply matbaoard, and to ensure perfect overmats, we make slight modifications and calibrations to our computerized mat cutter, which accounts for the slightly higher cost.