Comparison between standard acid-free matboard and Artcare Alpharag
Comparison between standard acid-free matboard and Artcare Alpharag

Lodima Archival Materials is a trusted source of simple and elegant options for mounting and matting, framing, and long-term storage for discriminating artists, conservators, collectors, galleries, and museums.

Why use ArtCare mat board and foam core?

ArtCare microchamber board from Nielsen Bainbridge is the only truly archival mat board made today. If you have any doubt about this, see the photographs here, at the end of the interview with the inventor of this amazing product. For more information, read the entire article, or see the FAQs. ArtCare is the only type of mat board and foam core that we sell. We stock sizes up to 40x60. We can also supply ArtCare Matboard 48x72 inches and 48x96 inches.

Why get your ArtCare board from Lodima Archival Materials?

  • Low Prices
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • No Extra Charges for Special Sizes
  • Custom-Cut Overmats: Prices can be as low as $1.00 to cut a window.
  • Prompt Completion of Your Order
  • Damage-Free Shipping


  • Archival Storage Boxes for Negatives and Prints
  • Negative Folders for Large-Format Negatives
  • Archival Tape
  • Nielsen Metal-Section Frames