Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee have been photographing for a combined 85 years. Their photographs have been collected by 140 art museums worldwide. They conduct occasional workshops at home and abroad to share their experience and knowledge. They have no secrets.

Vision and Technique with Digital Negatives

with Richard Boutwell and Paula Chamlee


The purpose of this workshop is to help you make better photographs, and through doing that, to experience personal growth. And if you already make beautiful photographs, but find that you don't do so consistently, then this workshop is for you.

In most all photography workshops everyone learns something and has a good time. But afterwards they do not necessarily, in their own terms, make better photographs. After our workshops, most everyone makes better photographs. This is because, we have been told, we have a way of describing and demonstrating an approach to making photographs that is exceedingly helpful and unique.

In this workshop you will not learn any "rules." You will go "beyond composition." You will learn to see more than you already see and to take a more creative approach to photographing, and, as a result, based on our past experience with former participants in our workshops, your photographs will be better and you will have a higher percentage of keepers.