Our studio is located in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is an easy and convenient drive from both Philadelphia and New York City. We specialize in high-end custom drum and flatbed scanning and fine digital printing for artists and photographers.

In addition to our scanning and printing services, we offer digital retouching and restoration, and prepress services tailored to photographers and photo-book publishers. Since we are artists and publishers ourselves, we treat every project as if it were our own, while working closely with the artist to best execute their vision.


We hold the quality of the scan in the highest regard and believe that a scanner is only as good as its operator. Because of this, we go through great pains to ensure that the resulting file is the best possible. We only output 16-bit scans and base our prices by the size of the original and desired final print size.


Film Size 1600 DPI 2000 DPI 4000 DPI 8000 DPI 12000 DPI
35mm $35 $50 $80
x-pan $45 $60 $90
6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 $50 $80 $125
$6x17 50 $75
4x5 $75 $125
5x7 $85 $125
8x10 75 125 200
8x20 $150 $200 $300
11x14 $150 $200 $300
16x20 $400
20x24 $500

We run SG8060 Mark II drum scanners that can accommodate differing types of originals. With the Screen 8060 prints and negatives up to 20x24 inches can be scanned at the same time up to 12,000 samples per inch in 16-bits per channel. We do custom set-up and scan permitters for each original to achieve the highest amount of detail possible. We spot scans for any defects from the scanner, but if extensive cleaning of dirty originals is required it will be billed at $75 per hour. We will contact you before any of this additional work will be performed.



In cases where drum scans are not possible the next best option is the Screen Cézanne Elite FTS-5500. Whether the are 100+ year old glass plates, mounted fine art prints, or fragile prints from family albums the Screen Cézanne, with its 17x22-inch bed and 5500SPI resolution, can handle it. As with drum scans, every scan is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Since the variables are endless, pricing is based on a flat rate of $75 per hour.


Digital Printing

We specialize in fine-art digital printing for portfolios and limited editions, as well as gallery and museum exhibitions.

Our Philosophy on Printing

The fine-art print is the both first and lasting impression of not only your image, but your work as an artist, and we believe that it deserves the extreme level of detailed attention that we give to our own personal photography. By exclusively using a small selection of papers and ink combinations, and by customizing our workflow, software, equipment, and final print materials we are able to achieve standards set by master printers in the traditional black and white darkroom. 


Print Size Price of 1st Print Each Additional Print
8.5x11 Inches $17.50 $13
11x14 Inches $34 $25
17x22 Inches $65 $50
24x30 Inches $120 $95
32x44 Inches $235 $175
44x56 Inches $340 $300
44x80 Inches $475 $400

Prices are for any size image within these standard paper sizes. There is no additional cost for custom print sizes or final trim sizes. As an option, we provide one free 8.5x11 proof for final approval for 17x22-inch prints and larger. Additional proofs are $10 each, which we keep on hand for future reference.



We have done extensive testing of several papers to determine which are best suited to meet our exacting standards. We are constantly testing new papers as they are made available. We are also happy to work with you to make custom prints on your favorite papers, although some additional charges may apply to account for initial testing and custom profiling.


  • Photorag Pearl 300 GSM: Smooth glossy surface suitable for both Epson color and our Piezography Glossy inksets. Very close to the look of a glossy gelatin silver print.

  • German Etching 310 GSM: Matte paper with a very toothy surface for both Epson color and Piezography Glossy inksets. Excellent for reproducing drawings, prints, and paintings, as well as alternative process photographs on cold pressed papers.

Canson Infinity

  • Platine Fiber Rag 310 GSM: Smooth glossy surface suitable for both Epson color and our Piezography Glossy inksets. Best resembles the surface of a glossy gelatin silver print for both color and black and white. Our standard paper for our personal work.

  • Rag Photographique 300 GSM: Smooth matte paper best suited for printing with our Piezography matte inksets for artists requiring a smooth surface resembling a platinum/palladium or carbon print.

Japanese Digital Kozo Papers

  • Moab

  • Hiromi