Chemicals: Artcraft Chemicals The best prices for all photography chemicals. And the owner, Mike Jacobson, is a great guy and always willing to go out of his way to accommodate special requests if at all possible. Kits of Amidol with our formula are available for printing on 1-800-682-1730

Camera and shutter repair and lens mounting: Camera Wiz Frank Marshman takes care of all of our lenses and shutters. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with. 1-800-471-8133

Used Camera Equipment: Quality Camera one of the best sources for used cameras and lenses. 1-404-881-8700

Filters and Lens Shades: Harrison and Harrison We just started using them recently. H & H will make up any filter in any size. They also have folding rubber lens shades and retaining rings, and they are a pleasure to deal with. 1-559-782-0121

Tripods: Ries Camera Co. We think Ries tripods are the best. Edward Weston used a Ries, so they must make great photographs.

Bellows: Camera Bellows Ask for Tony Eaton. He'll make up any bellows you need. We just started using them and are more than pleased. 44-121-440-1695 in the United Kingdom

Nitrile Gloves: Best Manufacturing Co. Nitrile gloves are impervious to hazardous chemicals, dry easily, and fit well with no slipping. Best Mfg. the manufacturer. They will refer you to a distributor in your area.